If you are facing drunk driving charges in Maryland AND the police took your driver’s license, you are justified in being confused. Consulting a knowledgeable Maryland lawyer is necessary, but you can start with the basics.

First, take a look at the documents you received from the police. Other than the tickets, you should have received either two or three documents. They are:

  1. Test Results – If you submitted to the breath test, then you should have the printout of the test results and a form identifying who gave the test to you and a few details about the test.
  2. DR-15 – Before the test, the police officer must advise you of the consequences facing you. As I explain below, this interaction is inconsistent with traditional Constitutional logic. Regardless, you should have the DR-15 “Advice of Rights” form.
  3. DR-15A – This is the form that supposedly gives drunk drivers the information about why their license was confiscated and how to challenge the suspension of their licenses.

To make sure that you preserve your right to challenge the suspension, you must request a hearing without delay. The DR-15A is a combination of two pages. One is your temporary driver’s license. The other is the Hearing Request form, which you must complete and mail, with the hearing fee, to the Office of Administrative Hearings.

If you need help completing the form, contact a lawyer. If you’re interested in understanding the process, below is my explanation of (1) why you are right to be confused about the suspension and (2) how you might fight the suspension. This explanation is not a substitute for a skilled attorney, but it will give you a background that may make the process comprehensible.