If you have been arrested for possession of drugs in violation of Maryland’s controlled dangerous substances law, you need a criminal defense lawyer now. Specifically, you need a defense lawyer with the skill and experience to fight the drug charges.

In the future, some or all of these laws may change. As of October 1, 2014, the possession of under 10 grams of marijuana ceases to be a criminal offense. Otherwise, the threat of imprisonment continues for all other drug charges.

Free Consultation

During my consultation, I will review the charges and discuss the facts with you. I will evaluate the strength of the prosecution’s case. You should have the statement of charges and the statement of probable cause. Also, you should receive the documents describing the suspected drugs and any testing performed by a chemist.


Before trial, the prosecution must produce certain of its evidence against the defendant. Upon request, the prosecution must show the defense other evidence. The general idea is that the government should not surprise the defendant at trial.


The goal is to develop a strategy to exclude or counter the evidence. For example, there may be a question as to the legality of the police officers’ conduct in obtaining the evidence. This evaluation includes exploring questions such as

• Did the officer have probable cause to search you, your car, or your residence?
• Where was the evidence found?
•Who else was present?

Understanding the importance of the answers to these questions is critical to your defense. For a drug charges defense lawyer, it is critical to know how to fight against any violation of your Constitutional rights.

Matt Lavine not only is a Constitutional lawyer but a Constitutional historian, who has published and taught in this field of study. With Matt Lavine working as your drug charges defense lawyer, you can be certain of the excellence of your defense.