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Over 30 Years in Trials and Appeals
Adjunct Faculty, UMUC, Law and Ethics
Maryland Court of Special Appeals, Law Clerk
Founder, ACLU Police Project (Pr. Geo’s County, Md.)
Of Counsel, Maryland Public Defender’s Office (felonies and appeals)

Choosing the best DUI defense lawyer or the best criminal defense lawyer for your case is critical. When police officers arrest a person, their job is to testify against you in court. The prosecutor’s job is to prosecute you. If you plead guilty, the Judge must punish you, and punishment means that your freedom is restricted.


It is a violation of Maryland law for an attorney to promise a particular outcome of a case to a prospective client. However, lawyers can promise to work hard, study the case, research the law, and take the time to consider how best to proceed.

Matt Lavine’s Guarantees

  1. to explore all legal means to defeat the prosecution’s case;
  2. to maintain complete communication with my clients;
  3. to inform my clients of the progress of the case;
  4. to explain all available options and strategies; and
  5. to exercise independent judgment and to advocate exclusively for my clients.

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Because of the intensive legal work he performs and the great attention he gives each client, Lavine limits the number of new cases that he accepts per month.

Considerations in Choosing a Top Defense Lawyer

There are many factors in choosing a lawyer. When lawyers choose a lawyer, they focus on

  • the lawyer’s education. All lawyers went to law school, but which school suggests the lawyer’s level of competition.
  • the lawyer’s experience. If the lawyer has had similar cases, it may be useful to know how the lawyer proceeded.
  • the lawyer’s strategies. All a client can ask of a lawyer is to raise the issues and present the options.

Your Right to Demand Full Legal Services

Too often, criminal defense lawyers focus on arranging a plea. The job of the defense lawyer is to create a defense and give legal advice.

A lawyer cannot promise a victory but a lawyer owes it to the client to devote full time and attention each client’s case. For his clients, Lavine

  • studies the evidence and develops strategies for winning.
  • maintains constant contact with his clients.
  • informs his clients of the range of options.
  • establishes affordable fees and convenient payment plans.
  • Licenses and Court Appearances

    Matt Lavine has been admitted to appear before the Courts in the following jurisdictions:

    • U.S. Supreme Court
    • The State of Maryland
    • The Federal District of Maryland
    • The District of Columbia
    • The Federal District of the District of Columbia

    Matt Lavine has defended clients in the following Circuit Courts in the State of Maryland: